. . . by saving you time on the jobs you do day in, day out

It's so frustrating isn't it?

Hours wasted performing the same repetitive tasks. Time you could spend far more productively.

Maybe you:

  • Are inundated with emails that take forever to deal with
  • Find it difficult to collaborate with clients or employees when you're not in the same place
  • Can't easily find documents because they're scattered across your network

If this is you, let us take away your pain.

But how?

The answer is Microsoft 365 – it used to be called Office 365.

Whatever you know it as, it does so much more than email, word processing, spreadsheets, etc.

Here’s just a few of the things it can do and the app that does it – you'll know the first two I'm sure:

  • Email – Outlook for your email
  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc – Office suite
  • To store your personal files – OneDrive
  • So you and your colleagues can collaborate – Teams
  • To manage content across your company – SharePoint

. . . there's several dozen more too.

And here's 4 key benefits of using Microsoft 365 . . .

1. You communicate more effectively. Find out more . . .

2. You work together more easily. Find out more . . .

3. You're more productive. Find out more . . .

4. All your data is safer and more secure. Find out more . . .

Want to be even more productive?

The trouble is, it can be hard to make Microsoft 365 do what you need – with so many apps, where do you start?

Which is why our Microsoft 365 Framework is perfect for you.

It's a bit like a duck. Let me explain . . .

Above the surface – where you are – Microsoft 365 Framework is simple to use. So you and your colleagues glide along with your work.

However, underwater, Microsoft 365 Framework is paddling hard. It:

  • Provides the structure holding everything together
  • Links all the bits of Microsoft 365 you need
  • Comes with 'templates' so you're quickly up and running – we can easily adapt any template to suit your business
  • Is the foundation for your document control and electronic workflows

If you're a little more technically minded and want to understand how we do this, just click here.

Here are six ways our Microsoft 365 Framework helps you and your colleagues

1. Improves employee engagement. Find out more

2. Proper – and easy – document control. Find out more . . .

3. Easier for Boards and Committees. Find out more . . .

4. Better policy management. Find out more . . .

5. Better project management. Find out more . . .

6. Reduce IT overheads. Find out more . . .

Need full records management?

As well as making life easier for your people, you need to make sure all policies are being enforced.

Using Microsoft 365 and AvePoint Cloud Records all policies are applied and enforced automatically and in bulk – doing away with having to rely on your people.

Click here to read more.

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It’s easy to get started

Simply let us take care of everything for you.

1. The basics. Find out more . . .

2. Making it happen. Find out more . . .

3. Ensuring business continuity.

4. Supporting you. Find out more . . .

Need advanced cloud governance?

Microsoft 365 offers lots to help your users and enable your organisation's success.

But to make it work for you it needs to be properly controlled and managed. And all automatically so you don't have to.

Which is why you need AvePoint Cloud Governance.

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